Growing Herbs in India
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: April
Posted on: September 30, 2009

I would like to start an herb Garden and at present I am living in Surat, India. My question is that I am unsure which "Zone" I would fall under so should I only choose herbs that are marked zone 10 or 11? I am in hopes that I might be able to select some that have "lower" zones. I am particularly interested in Skullcap and ginseng.

In addition, do you have any recommendations for a type of lavender that would do well here?

You are right to chose only herbs for zone 10 and 11 for outdoor culture. You are near the coast in a sheltered position and probably have a climate similar to southern Florida, USA. Any plants rated for zone 10 should probably planted under trees to protect them from the midday sun and any zone 9 herbs should be brought indoors for the hottest pert of the summer at least during the day.

Scullcap and Ginseng are only rated to zone 8 and since you said in another e-mail tht you do not have refrigeration or air-conditioning I don’t know if they will survive. Ginseng especially is quite fussy about conditions - but chances are that whenever I say something is not possible, someone will prove me wrong! Make sure to not use evergreen needles or other parts in the compost for ginseng if you should try it indoors anyways.

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