What Non-Flowering Plants Can Grow Between Pavers In Zone 9
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Lorie LaMontane
Posted on: November 16, 2009

I live in Ormond Beach which is located in the northeast part of Florida, USA and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I am looking for a plant to grow between my paver patio stones. It is partial shade with full sun half the day. The patio faces south west. I would like a plant that is non-flowering. If that is not possible then a flowering plant will have to do! Is there any type of moss that would work? Also, can I get something in seed form to plant this fall?

You live in Zone 9 and in that zone the non-flowering English Lawn chamomile may not survive the summer heat. You might wish to try it anyway, because you live close to the ocean and this may diminish the summer heat enough. Otherwise I think your best bet would be the flowering, but very short and tight Minus thyme. Lavender and orange spice thyme are other good choices. Rupture wort is also a good choice. Its flowers are very insignificant and I am not sure what pollinates it.

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