Spearmint Growing Season in Venezuela
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Mary Macleod
Posted on: December 30, 2009

I’ve been investigating about how to grow spearmint and in every case read that the plant will die down during the cold months and come back in spring. I am currently living in Venezuela and spearmint does grow here and the plant I bought is doing well. Of course, there is no cold season. Will the plant have a growing season? Or just keep on going. Should I cut it back altogether at certain times, or just let it go.

Just let it grow. It will only slow down if it gets cold about 10 degrees Celsius. You may have to water it if it is too short and/ or dry. The cutting down to keep it within bounds is a good idea. I hope you will not be sorry that you let it loose in your pavers!

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