Ground Cover for a new Landscape
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Murielle Otis
Posted on: April 07, 2010

I would like to order seeds to cover a new landscape around my house. It is approximately 100 feet X 100 feet (30m x 30m). I would like a mixed cover of short fescue grass (in French: fĂ©tuque, short), dwarf, white trefoil clover (trefle blanc nain), bird’s foot trefoil (lotier corniculĂ©) and wild thyme (thym serpolet). I have no idea of the quantities required to do a good job. Its zone 4, full south.

The only seed we can supply you with is that of wild thyme (Thymus pulegioides, synonym: Thymus serpyllum). You should be able to get the other seed from a farm co-op or farm supply store. Wild thyme has 4000 seeds per gram. For your 10,000 square feet you would need 40,000 plants. You can expect 10% of the germinated seeds to survive if you broadcast the seeds. Therefore you need a minimum of 200g- assuming 50% germination.. If you are willing to grow the seedlings in a nursery bed and transplant to their permanent location next spring, then 50g would be enough.

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