Germinating Sea Buckthorn Seed
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Barbara
Posted on: December 08, 2010

About a year ago I purchased 2 packets of Sea Buckthorn seeds from you. Unfortunately I have had no luck in germinating them. I have tried stratification in the fridge and outside (we have cold winters down to -10 degrees Celsius) in sand, in peat and in seed raising mix. They do appear to be viable as I have tested them in water and they sink. Do you have any suggestions please?

You are on the right track with your treatment of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae L.) seeds. They do require stratification for as long as 8 weeks. But prior to doing this, better results are obtained if you soak the seeds in water for 48 hours. Discard those seeds that float. Then begin the stratification technique by sowing the seeds into a small container containing a soil-less media. Peat with sand at a 4:1 ration is excellent, but straight soil-less media without the sand is successful as well. Cover them lightly with vermiculite or more of the media, and water gently. Place this in a plastic sandwich bag and then pop into the fridge for the 8 week period. After this, place them in an area with bottom heat of about 21 degrees Celsius. They should germinate within a week to 10 days. I recently removed some seeds from the fridge that I had stratified, only to find that they were eagerly and happily beginning to germinate already. Good luck with your Sea Buckthorn seeds.

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