Tea Seeds Germinated!
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Fred
Posted on: January 29, 2011

I received my tea seeds from your company in December and now at least one germinated!! I have it sitting in a newspaper pot filled with Perlite only. The pots are sitting on a warming mat. The seed split apart and a large taproot is forming. What to do now? Do I transfer the seedling to sterilized soil mix, vermiculite, or just leave well enough alone? When to begin very low dose fertilizer (acid loving?)? I feel this is a major accomplishment to this point - and I am THRILLED with your products. Any advice is appreciated greatly!

You could start with very low dose acid fertilizer. Don’t move it out of the Perlite until at least the first set of true leaves have formed. At that point it would be better to simply pot the plant on into a larger pot of sterilized soil and just carefully take off the excess paper, but do not expose the Perlite, since the roots do not like disturbance. Just work the soil around the paper pot. The paper will disintegrate and the roots will grow into the richer soil. Be sure to not let the Perlite dry out, since it drains so rapidly and dries out fairly fast.

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