Hedge Around Yard With Bees
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Mar
Posted on: March 03, 2011

I have a bee yard and would like to grow a hedge around the perimeter of it. Would you have any suggestions as what type of bush or tree would serve the purpose of safeguarding the yard as well as deliver nectar and pollen for the bees possibly early spring time. I would like to hear from you what type of native species of trees and plants do you have, of course with the focus of nectar and pollen production for the honey bees or even for feral bees.

You do not say where you are located and this makes it hard to recommend plants to you, because they may not be hardy in your area.

Since the hedge is around bee hives I presume you want the hedge to grow high enough so that the bees flying over it will be forced to fly high enough so that they don’t bump into people walking near the other side of the hedge.

Some plants that might work for you: (the herbaceous perennials-HP-will only work as a fence in the summer) Bronze Fennel-HP- Zone 5-11, Forsythia zone 5-8, Gardenia zone 8-10, Gumplant (Grindelia robusta)-HP- Zone 7-10, Hawthorne-but we do not carry viable seed, classic roses zones 4-9, Arp rosemary zones 7-10, Russian sage-HP- zones 3-9, sea buckthorn zones 3-8

If you can do without flowers to feed the bees, you can try bay laurel zone 8-10, bayberry zone 5-9, eucaluptus zone 9-10, Ginkgo Zone 5-9, Sweet sumac zones 4-9, tea zones7-11, Chinese toon zones 6-9, lemon verbena zones 8-10, tree wormwood zones 8-9.

Lavender, various zones, would make bees very happy, but you would need a fence behind it to raise the flight path, because it is not very tall.

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