Scented Geraniums Leafless Stems
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question freom: Jo Ann

I live in California and have several of your scented geraniums which I originally was going to grow and sell. However I love them so much that I am keeping the 70 plants and giving them as gifts. My chocolate mint is long stemmed and the leaves turn red on tips then die. Not all of them, however more than I think should be. The apple cinnamon has a lot of flowers and has several brown tip leaves on the outside that are dying two of them have very few flowers and are looking fuller and greener. I water every three days and using miracle grow every two weeks. They are in full sun. I think the greener ones may be in morning sun thus the question of full sun or not. The others lemon frensham, nutmeg, and prince of orange seem Ok what is left of them.

The problem of leafless long stems could be not enough soil, so planting them into planters would help. Check if the roots are coming out at the bottom which would signal that the plants need potting into something larger.

Another problem could be not enough water. Try putting tays under the pots, because the trays would store extra water for a day or so. I am not familiar with the amount of sunshine you get at your location, but California is known for its sunny climate, so I am assuming the summer sun is blazing! Try putting the stressed plants into light shade.

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