Chinese Jujube
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Bert
Posted on: August 29, 2012

I have started a Jujube Date Tree from Richter’s seed last Summer. I transplanted it to my yard when it was about 8 inches. It grew well and got leaves again this Spring 2012. It was doing nicely, but then the outer leaves started wilting / turning brown at the growing tips. I have read that there should be no wilt bacteria here that should cause it harm in N. America like the bacteria / fungi attacking it in China and Korea. However, I am troubled by this as I want this tree to survive. I am hoping that you can give me some advice on how to save this small tree so that it will be well again and grow well in the future.

Actually according to our records the plant you ordered was Chinese Jujube. I think the intense heat and drought of this summer may have damaged the tree since it is too young to have had an extensive root system. Mulch it heavily especially just after freeze-up to make sure the poor summer growing does not kill it in winter.

Now that it is mid-August (2012) we have had drenching rains and the browning of the leaf edges should be stopping since even inadequate roots should be able to take up enough water to keep the farthest away portions of the plant hydrated.

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