Overwintering Rescue Herb, Solenostemon monostachys, Harvesting after
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Robin
Posted on: August 29, 2012

I live in Northern Florida, USA. What are the temperatures the rescue herb can handle outside? Plant is in container.

Northern Florida is in Zone 8-9 wheras rescue herb cannot take any freezing that is it needs zone 11. Bring the pot indoors for the coldest part of winter when it may freeze.

Can I grow it inside as a indoor plant during fall/winter months? It is growing very well outside in a container.

This herb naturally grows among grasses on hills in the Savanna. You can therefore grow it indoors if you give it the sunniest location you have. If you have no unobstructed South facing window, consider getting a grow-light for it to supplement the light. If the plant stretches with too big a space between the leaf nodes, it is telling you that it needs more light.

How long should I wait after fertilizing to harvest my herbs?

That depends on the fertilizer and if the plants got rained on since you fertilized. If you use a fish fertilizer try to not get it on the leaves that you plan to harvest, because the oil plus smell are hard to get rid of. In general waiting a week should be enough time and immediately after fertilizing before the plant had a chance to translocate any nitrates to the rest of the plant.

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