Germination of Some Chinese Herb Seeds
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Andrea
Posted on: September 26, 2012

I am looking for successful cultivation techniques for seeds of: a)Schisandra (seed pack states germination can be difficult). Other than soaking seed overnight & covering w/twice the thickness of seed-; are there other suggestions such as ideal temperature; cold stratification, etc. I’m also planting Ma Huang, Bai Zhu, Zhi Mu, Chinese Jujube, Wolfberry, and Tibetan Gentian-any further tips than what is on the seed pack? I am also wondering about deer resistance (or not) of the above plants so I know if I need to consider this when planting out.

Schisandra seeds are indeed difficult to germinate. You could try scarifying the seeds with sandpaper prior to soaking them. It may be beneficial to strayify the seeds as well, for about 30 days. Still, germination will be slow. Ma Huang and Bai Zhu seeds are easy to germinate with regular sowing techniques. Chinese Jujube seeds have a hard shell. To help with germination, try squeezing the seed ever so gently in a vice grip, until you hear a crack. Be careful not to crush the seed embryo. Remove the inner seed and sow. Wolfberry seed is easy to germinate, in as little as a week. It is preferable to use a knife and remove the tiny seeds from the raisin-like fruit, and then sow them. Otherwise, when the entire fr > 1) Looking for successful cultivation techniques for seeds of:

I am not able to inform you whether deer find these plants delectable or not. If you have concerns, you could try a farm fence, or interplant with Piss-Off plant, which is reputed to repel some animals.

Good luck with your seeding.

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