Chicago Hardy Fig Tree in London, Ontario
Answered by: Kim Hector
Comment from: Daniel

Thank you for the update on the fig tree.

I have only heard from a few customers in Ontario about their fig plants but so far, everyone has had success. Thank you for taking the time to write.

I thought that you may be interested in knowing that three years ago (Spring of 2010) I purchased and planted a fig tree "Chicago Hardy". that I had purchased from you. Last week I had the pleasure of eating and enjoying several of the figs. Yes, they were small, but were very sweet and tasty. I look forward to having more this time next year.

This fig tree was grown in a community garden in north central London Ontario. The first year it had some very tiny green figs about the size of a garden pea, the second year about double the size of the first years size, and this year (the third) some eight figs that grew to about the size of a walnut.

Also it grew in the form of a shrub, with several woody stems from the ground. The first winter it was carefully wrapped in a plastic wrap then was stuffed with crushed leaves. None of the above ground part survived, and the tree was pruned back to ground level. In the spring shoots grew from the roots once again to a height of about 2 metres. The following winter (this last and mild winter) no additional covering was applied and once again died back to the root stock. Mice had also girdled the stalks over the winter.

This last year it grew several more substantial stems that yielded eight figs, four of which I have eaten, and waiting that perhaps the remaining four may ripen.

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