Goldenseal from Seed
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Loisteen
Posted on: October 17, 2012

I am a complete novice! I have received my Goldenseal seed and am eager to get started. Please let me know how to do this properly. I am in Baltimore, Maryland, and will be very grateful for your help.

Goldenseal is a beautiful North American deep forest plant. The roots are said to aid in respiratory function, sore throat, and eye infections among other ailments. The seed requires a cold period of stratification in order to germinate. In some climates, the seed can be directly sown in Autumn, 1/4 inch deep, at a 3 inch spacing, in to a damp soil in a shaded area. By the following Spring, it should germinate. Baltimore, Maryland may not be consistently cold enough to break dormancy. If this is so, you can place the seeds in a baggy with damp soil or soil-less media. Place the baggy in the refrigerator for a period of no less than 2 months. It can remain in the refrigerator until March or April, when Spring arrives. At this point, you can sow the seed as directed above. Goldenseal is slow to germinate, but keep your eye on the area, and you will be rewarded with tiny seedlings, with one small true leaf each. Keep the seedlings moist the first summer, as they are delicate, but will continue to grow stronger over time. It is well worth the time involved as you should be rewarded with lovely Goldenseal plants.

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