Mexican Coriander Germination
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Margie
Posted on: October 22, 2012

Is it preferable to direct-sow Mexican coriander seed into the pot in which it will be sold (4" pot), or start in germination >trays then transplant into the 4" pots?

At Richters Herbs, we find it is preferable to sow the seed in to a germination flat. As the seeds germinate and the seedlings begin to develop in to a 4 leaf plant, we transplant them on in to a plug tray, with cells of about one cubic inch in size. After allowing the plants to grow again, we transplant them in to pots. You could try transplanting directly from the germination flat in to your 4 inch pot. Mexican Coriander transplants happily. It takes quite some time for Mexican Coriander seed to germinate. My usual experience is close to 20 to 30 days until seedlings appear. But, germination rate is very high once it does start. About 2 weeks after germination, I prick out seedlings in to a plug tray. They are then grown on for about 3 weeks, when they are of a small, but saleable, size. So, plan for a slow initial germination, but fairly quick results in growth following that.

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