Licorce Seed Cultivation
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Cindy
Posted on: October 22, 2012

I live in northern Michigan and would love to grow some licorice I already ordered some seed, but now need some suggestions to make this a successful endeavor. I’m guessing container grown? Since I’m zone 4 any help is appreciated.

Cindy, you will definitely want to container-grow the licorice, as it is hardy to about zone 7a. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) will grow to about 3-4 feet, in time, and prefers a sunny site and a dryish soil. In the low light period of Winter, expect that the plant may begin to go dormant and lose leaves. this is normal, and new growth will resume in Spring. The seeds do well with scarifying prior to seeding. Use sand paper and scuff the seed coat, being gentle, so as not to damage the seed and embryo within. Good luck with the licorice seeds.

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