Germination Chinese Jujube
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Guy
Posted on: October 22, 2012

Hello - another quick question. This regarding the germination of Chinese jujube aka Zizyphus Spinoza. Your Q and A page seems to contradict itself in terms of whether to stratify the seeds or not. The packet also does not mention any special care and that germination is easy. What’s the bottom line - do I stratify or sow and germinate immediately at 70 plus degrees.

Chinese Jujube can be sown directly with fairly good germination results. But to improve results, I suggest it is best to stratify the seeds for a minimum of 30 days. Another tip to encourage better germination is to remove the outer shell after stratification. Do this by use of a vise grip and gently squeeze the seed until you break the outer shell. Care must be taken to not damage the inner seed and embryo. Using tweezers, remove the outer shell. Sow the inner seed. Good luck with the Jujube seeds.

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