Dog Rose Seed Germination
Answered by: Ginny
Question from: Stephen
Posted on: October 31, 2012

I am hoping to grow Dog Rose from seed; how do I germinate this seed?

The beautiful Dog Rose (Rosa canina) is best treated with a lot of patience as it can take up to 2 years to germinate. First, scarify the seeds, by scraping gently between two pieces of sandpaper. This will help break down the tough seed coat. Then, place the seeds in some damp soil or peat moss in to a baggy. Leave the baggy at room temperature or higher (anywhere from 20-30 degrees Celsius) for 4 weeks, in a site that is not too sunny. Check the bag periodically, to allow fresh air in, and to check that it is still just damp. This treatment will help swell the seed with water. After the 4 weeks, place the baggy in the fridge for 12 weeks, with a temperature between 2-5 degrees Celsius. This treatment imitates Winter, which breaks down the germination inhibitors. After this period, you may sow the seed in to a small pot containing soil or soil-less media. Cover with more soil, media, or vermiculite. Place the pot in a sunny site and water gently. Be patient here, as the seeds will germinate for you. It may take a few months if the scarification and imbibing were very beneficial. Otherwise, it may take the 2 years. Have fun, and enjoy the process. It is very exciting when that first tiny rose leaf begins to shoot up from the soil!

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