Herbs for Ulcers
Answered by: Richters Staff

John Hong writes
My dad has ulcers and I wondering if you could tell me what kind of herbs he needs and can buy to cure his ulcer.

We specialize in growing herbs. While we do rely on herbs for our own personal health we are not trained as medical herbalists and are not qualified to prescribe herbs. We suggest that your father see a professional herbalist who can examine him and suggest appropriate herbal therapy.

It is also worthwhile to consult books on the use of medicinal herbs. Daniel B. Mowry, in his book Proven Herbal Blends (available from Richters), recommends a blend of eight herbs for stomach and intestinal problems including ulcers. The blend includes goldenseal and licorice herbs that help regulate the digestive function and promote healing of ulcers. Licorice is the most popular herb used for the treatment of ulcers in the world.

Comfrey is very effective against ulcers but it is no longer recommended for internal use. The plant contains alkaloids which if ingested in large quantities or over a long period can cause liver damage. However, many herbalists still believe the plant can be used safely over a short term for serious problems that do not respond to other therapies.

Again, have your father consult a professional herbalist for advice.

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