Medicinal Properties of Lion’s Ear
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Rowena White
Posted: Before April 1998

I have been told that Lion’s Ears have very powerful medicinal properties. I have many of these plants growing in my yard. What are they used for? Also, what part of the plant is used and how is it usually prepared?

Lion’s Ears are various species of the genus Leonotis. One species, L. leonurus, has been used by the Zulus and the Hottentots of Africa as an euphoriant. The leaves and roots are said to have mildly intoxicating effects, causing giddiness or sleepiness. It has a repulsive, nauseating odour when smoked.

It is reported to be an emmenagogue (promotes menstrual discharge), purgative and vermifuge. It has been used for all manner of medicinal purposes including: asthma, cardiac problems, cough, epilepsy, leprosy, snakebite, skin diseases and parasites.

Richters carries L. nepetifolia which is an annual with showy yellow or orange-red flowers.

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