Medicinal Benefits of Lavender
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Mary Lofstrom
Posted: Before April 1998

Have you come across any solid research on the medicinal benefits of lavender? I have been hearing rumors that lavender is being explored for pancreatric cancer. If so, what particular cultivar? Thanks.

Jonathan Hartwell, in his treatise, "Plants Used Against Cancer" (Quarterman Publications, Lawrence, Mass. 1982) lists 11 references of lavender use against cancers and tumours going back to the ancient Greeks. John Boik, in his recent "Cancer & Natural Medicine" (Oregon Medical Press, Princeton, Minn. 1995) does not mention lavender. Boik’s review of the modern medical literature is quite good so it would seem that if lavender is under study for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, the results either have not been published yet or were published after 1994 or 1995. We are not aware of any ongoing work on using lavender to treat cancer.

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