Herbs for Memory and Arthritis
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Bob
Posted: Before April 1998

What can help a failing memory and arthritis?

While we specialize in herbs and we believe in their healing powers, we are not trained as herbal practitioners and cannot provide medical advice. The following information is for study and research purposes only.

Ginkgo has received considerable research attention in recent years. It has been shown to increase the flow of blood in the brain. Increased blood flow is presumed to enhance brain function, and one of the effects noted has been improved memory. Alzheimers patients and the elderly seem to benefit from regular use of gingko. Some people prone to headache may find that ginkgo worsens headache presumably because of the increased blood flow.

Other herbs recommended for memory include gotu kola. There are some reports that gotu kola has narcotic properties but we have never found that to be true. Gotu kola is a common food plant in southern India and Sri Lanka, casting further doubt on the narcotic theory. Gotu kola is an excellent neural tonic, according to Daniel Mowrey, author of "Proven Herbal Remedies."

Daniel Mowrey recommends a blend of peppermint, Siberian ginseng, skullcap, betony, gotu kola and kelp to improve poor memory and increase concentration. Peppermint is included to increase blood circulation and calm nerves.

Devil’s claw is commonly recommended for arthritis. The roots have shown significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in studies on animals. Mowrey recommends a blend of alfalfa, celery seed, burdock, chaparral and other herbs. John Lust ("The Herb Book", available from Richters) lists 39 herbs used for arthritis.

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