Where to Get Medicinal Information
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Robert Young
Posted: Before April 1998

I am interested in learning more about herbs. What is and where can I go to get specific information on what type of herb can be used for a certain situation. Example: What herbs are best to use for weight loss.

There are many books on medicinal herbs available. There are the classics that possess a wealth of traditional knowledge from past centuries such as John Gerard’s "The Herbal" and the modern classics such as Margaret Grieve’s "A Modern Herbal" and Jethro Kloss’ "Back to Eden" published in the early part of this century. This traditional knowledge, gained over hundreds or thousands of years of trial and error, is still the most important source of medical knowledge today. Some 25% of human medicines come from, or were inspired by, medicinal plants used in traditional herbal medicine.

In recent years quite a few good quality books have come out that draw on the best of both traditional and modern scientific knowledge. Here are some suggestions from the book list in our catalogue:

* "The Complete Medicinal Herbal," by Penelope Ody * "Herbal Tonic Therapies," by Daniel Mowrey * "Planetary Herbology," by Michael Tierra * "Proven Herbal Remedies," by Daniel Mowrey * "The Way of Herbs," by Michael Tierra

Mowrey’s "Proven Herbal Blends" is a handy little book organized by medical condition. For instance, for weight loss he recommends a blend containing plantain (Plantago ovata) which he says helps increase the effectiveness of weight-loss diets by curbing the appetite.

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