Stomach Ulcers
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Renee
Posted: Before April 1998

I recently became aware of Richters through my mother-in-law. She grows a lot of herbs in her garden. Consequently, I found your website. I am interested in beginning an herb garden at my new property and house near Owen Sound. I would like to have a catalogue sent to me, but my main question is what herbs should I consider for treating a stomach ulcer? I tried to look up this section on the site, but I had difficulty in accessing it.

Because we are not trained to practice as herbalists we cannot offer medical advice. We urge you to consult a health care professional for advice. The following information is for research and study purposes only.

Goldenseal and licorice are among the most effective herbs for ulcers. Daniel Mowrey recommends a blend containing these and other herbs in his book "Proven Herbal Blends" (available from Richters). Goldenseal root is an effective treatment against indigestion, nausea, gas and heartburn, and it is known to destroy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Because bacteria are likely to be the cause of ulcers, the anti-bacterial effect may be important. Licorice root promotes healing of ulcers without side effects. The constituent, glycyrrhetinic acid, is thought to be the main active principle, but according to Mowrey, the root contains other constituents that contribute to the healing effect.

Although comfrey has fallen out of fashion for internal use, we believe it should not be overlooked when other herbs or medicines do not provide relief. Comfrey contains alkaloids that can cause liver damage if consumed over a long time, but over short periods it is still one of the most effective healing herbs for ulcers. It contains, among other important factors, a hormone-like substance called allantoin that is know to promote cell division and thus speed healing. It also contains plenty of mucilage which provides a healing coating over the inflammed areas.

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