Ginseng and Fertility
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Grace
Posted on: May 12, 1998

I was told that ginseng makes women fertile. Is that true? Also, what is it good for as a far as women are concerned? I drink the pure ginseng that comes in capsules that you purchase out of the store or a supermarket.

There are several kinds of Ginseng. All are used as re-vitalizers, to help the body recover from stress & exhaustion, and as aphrodisiacs. American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) has been used especially for digestive problems. Panax Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthrococcus senticosis) have been used as physical and mental stimulants. Panax has traditionally been used more by men as an aphrodisiac, while Eleuthrococcus has been used to increase fertility in men and women. Because of their stimulating properties, none of the Ginsengs should be used in high blood pressure, pregnancy, hyperactivity or with coffee.

Rosemary Gladstar in "Herbal Healing for Women" (available at Richters) uses Panax Ginseng in a fertility formula that also includes Dong Quai, Squaw vine, Wild Yam, Ho-shou-wu (polygonum multiflorum) and Dandelion leaf and root. She also recommends taking Panax Ginseng tea or capsules regularly, claiming that "Ginseng is often helpful for women who have fertility problems, especially if the infertility is related to weak or cool sexual organs. Ginseng increases the heat to the pelvic regions and helps remove blockages."

Rosemary Gladstar also recommends Panax, American Ginseng or Eleuthrococcus for menopause, as a tonic to overcome fatigue and stress, balance hormones, relieve hot flashes, rebuild energy if used over a long period, and to help eliminate mood swings and depression. She recommends buying the ginseng at a reputable source such as a Chinese pharmacy to ensure good quality.

Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Vasant Lad in "The Yoga of Herbs" (available at Richters) recommends both Panax and American Ginsengs as tonics to be used in "old age, senility, debility, emaciation, fatigue, impotence, convalescence, to improve energy". They claim that American Ginseng is of equal strength to Panax, but with a cooler energy, more suited to digestive problems and as a tonic to the lungs.

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