Herbs for Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Molly
Posted on: May 18, 1998

I need information on herbs to take for a person that has lung cancer with brain metastasis. Also, the person has high blood pressure and lower pack pain. The person is 56 yrs and female. I have heard that herbs and supplements are risky, if the person has high blood pressure. Is this true? Also, if taking at least 60 supplements/herbs daily, doesn’t this amount produce toxins inside your body and may cause side effects to your body?

Your friend should work with a good health care provider to ensure that the balance of medications are correct for the priorities of treatment and that natural care is coordinated with hospital treatment.

Some of the areas of concern with taking a large number of supplements and herbs are: the liver must process the vitamins, so the liver should be a priority in supportive treatment; digestive and elimination systems should be supported so that nutrients are well absorbed and toxins eliminated; some herbs and medicines have interactions, some of which are undesirable; some herbs have opposite effects and the effects can cancel out; supplements should be taken in the right proportions to each other in order to be effective; some supplements are encased in capsules that can add toxins to the system. There are some herbs that raise the blood pressure and are contraindicated in hypertension.

All parts of the body are involved in health and disease. Natural therapy cancer treatments are holistic in nature, including diet, exercise, support groups and spiritual exercises such as meditation. The diet should include only fresh, whole, organic foods and juices to avoid putting toxins into the body.

Some of the herbs used in support of a person with cancer are: Poke Root (Phytolacca americana) and Red Clover flowers to support the lymphatics to clear toxins., Burdock (Artium lappa) a powerful blood tonic that supports the liver and digestive systems, and Echinacea to support the immune system. Herbs that will support the bronchial tubes are: Lobelia dilates the bronchials, helping to ease breathing, Mullein relaxes and soothes the bronchials and Thyme helps to clear any infection. None of these herbs are contra-indicated in high blood pressure.

Essiac is an old Native American cure for cancer containing Sorrel (Rumex acetosella), Burdock, Slippery Elm bark (Ulmus fulva) and Turkey Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum). More information on this formula can be found in Sheila Snow’s book "The Essence of Essiac" (available at Richters).

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