Medicinal Uses of Herbs and Spices
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Naomi
Posted on: May 27, 1998

I’m looking for a list of herbs and spices that will help your body against helping with illness. Example, cayenne pepper helps with indigestion and pain.

I don’t know of such a list. Though it would be a helpful tool, a herb’s numerous actions, properties, uses, parts used and contraindications could make a "list" into a book. For example, Cayenne is anti-spasmodic, making it useful in spasmodic pain and its stimulating properties make it useful to improve circulation, helping with cold hands and feet, lack of energy, hypothermia and a weak pulse. It increases digestive juices, thus improving the appetite and digestion, but it is irritating, and therefore contraindicated, in cases of pain or indigestion caused by inflammation in the intestinal tract. Some books that you could use for reference are: John Lust’s "The Herb Book" with over 2000 listings, Pat Crocker’s "Recipes from Riversong" with profiles on over 30 herbs, and Andrew Chevallier’s "The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants". These books are available at Richters.

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