Culantro Medicinal Uses
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [Name Not Given]
Posted on: May 30, 1998

I have a culantro plant and use it often in eggs, mexican dishes etc. Do you know if it has any medicinal value? It is very hard to find. I live in Florida and it grows well in pots, and resists bugs.

"Culantro" is a common name for Mexican coriander (Eryngium foetidum) listed in our catalogue. It is easily grown from seeds and has a marvelous, strong, coriander-like flavour. It is very popular throughout Mexico and Latin America. It is also a popular herb in Vietnam, of all places, where it is known as "Ngo Gai".

According to Geronimo Pompa’s "Medicamentos Indigenas", an infusion made with the leaves makes an aromatic tea which is useful for stomach complaints. It can be used steeped in ‘aguardiente’ (a Mexican alcoholic liquor) to treat nervous headache. Fresh leaves mashed with flour can be applied as a poultice. A powder mixed with cooked lettuce (possibly the wild lettuce, Lactuca virosa) or in wine with sugar helps insomnia.

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