Holistic Medicine
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Carole
Posted on: June 23, 1998

I am a Sophomore involved in meeting my core requirements to get into the RN Bsn program at Austin Peay State University. I am very interested in Herbs, hormones, aminos, vitamins etc. that all work together to enhance well being. What is the name of such a study, and is there currently any programs that can combine my RnN aspirations with comprehensive wholistic health? Is there a job market out there? I am not sure where to being researching this field.

There are many terms and fields that apply holistic therapy, including Herbal Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Naturopathic medicine. There is a demand for a successful natural therapist. Some of them are booked years in advance. You can begin gathering information from the following Web sites: http://www.bastyr.edu/research/ Bastyr University, WA, U.S.A., offers courses in alternative medicine, naturopathy; http://chili.rt66.com/hrbmoore/HOMEPAGE/HomePage.html Michael Murray’s school of Botanical Medicine, Bisbee, Arizona; http://www.herb.com/school.htm is a list of health and herbal schools including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Naturopathic Medicine; www.drweil.com Dr. Andrew Weil teaches holistic medicine in Arizona to doctors, and publishes a journal on Integrative Medicine.

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