Ginkgo Biloba and Bedwetting
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Not Given
Posted on: July 21, 1998

Could you tell me the up side of using Ginkgo biloba? Also are there any herbs for kidney help...I’m not sure if I have a weak kidney but I cannot seem to stop wetting my bed.

Christopher Hobbs, in "Ginkgo, Elixir of Youth" (available at Richters) lists the following benefits of Ginkgo: Improves the characteristics and condition of the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots in the vessels; Free radical scavenger, protecting the cells against damage; Increases the uptake and utilization of oxygen and glucose in the tissues throughout the body; Increases blood flow to the brain or extremities; Regulates neurotransmitters, helping against memory loss, depression and senility; Protects the myelin covering on the nerves against some kinds of damage; Protects hearing; Shows anti-bacterial and anti-candida activity.

Bed wetting in children 3-15 can be caused by emotional stress, or because of a very deep sleep which may resolve with maturity.

An imbalance in the blood sugar level can cause bed-wetting. Your doctor can have your blood sugar level tested.

Avoid drinking an hour before bed.

In adults, bedwetting or incontinence can result from stress, constipation or from weakened pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy. Your health care provider can advise on how to do pelvic floor exercises. In men over 50, it can result from pressure on the bladder from an enlarged prostate, and should be examined by a doctor. Smoking can result in a lack of tone in the spincter muscles due to decreased circulation.

If stress is involved, you should look at resolving the cause of stress. Chamomile tea is a calming remedy.

Other herbal remedies with adult dosages of tinctures are:

* Ephedra may be used to induce a lighter sleep. It controls parasympathetic innervation of bladder to prevent urination. Ephedra must not be taken in heart problems, in high blood pressure or if certain anti-depressants or high blood pressure medications are being taken. Your doctor should be consulted before taking ephedra. 1 ml three times a day in water.

* Sweet Sumach (Rhus aromatica) root bark has successfully controlled bedwetting and urinary frequency, and lowers blood sugar levels. 2 ml three times a day in water.

* Equisetum - helps to tone sphincters, which may be relaxed in incontinence. 2 ml three times a day in water.

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