Bell’s Palsy
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Jim Everton
Posted on: July 23, 1998

I am suffering from Bell’s palsy, and am interested in any herbs that may help my condition. Please advise me if there are any herbs I can grow or buy that are beneficial to this condition.

Bell’s Palsy is paralysis of the facial nerve often caused by injury or infection, and usually resolves within one or two months. Herbs can be used to stimulate immunity and blood circulation and to nourish the nerves.

Echinacea stimulates immunity, and has been used with success both internally and externally.

Wood Betony, Rosemary and Ginkgo stimulate blood circulation to the head. Improved circulation will nourish the nerves.

St. John’s Wort and Oats feed the nerves. Oats is best taken in the form of whole oatmeal or oat straw tea.

All of these herbs are available at Richters.

Evening Primrose Oil improves circulation and provides nutrients. It has shown to be successful in improving nerve damage. It is best taken in the form of capsules, 1000mg three times a day.

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