Herbs to Clear Plaque from Arteries and Male Impotence
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [Name Withheld]
Posted on: July 31, 1998

We are looking for herbs that clear plaque from the arteries, and herbs for male potency and greater focus during intimacy.

The stunning commercial success of the new anti-impotency drug, Viagra, suggests that male impotence is often more than a psychological problem. One cause of male impotence is a reduced blood flow to the penis inadequate to achieve and maintain satisfactory errections. Constricted by the build-up of plaque, the partially blocked arteries need to be dilated to increase blood flow, and that is what Viagra does.

Is Viagra a long term solution? If it does not also clear the arteries, then its effect only temporary and it is not a permanent solution to male impotence.

A strategy to clear the arteries with herbs may make some sense. There are a number of herbs that are known to treat arteriosclerosis. According to Daniel Mowrey in his book, "Proven Herbal Remedies" (available from Richters), garlic and cayenne can help treat atherosclerosis by reducing cholesterol. The effect of garlic in particular is especially striking on blood flow. Whether the use of garlic and cayenne will help male sexual function has not been proven; at this stage, more research is needed.

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