Black Cohosh After Hysterectomy
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Sharon
Posted on: August 1, 1998

I am a 46 year old female who has had a complete hysterectomy and cannot take HRT. HRT does not agree with me because it causes me to be very sluggish and irritable. I am a pharamcist and am well aware of the benefits of HRT but am not willing to risk my well being. I am experiencing only hot flashes and have recently began to take black cohosh in the commercial form of Remifemin. How can I compare this to the black cohosh in capsule form?

We do not comment on proprietary products manufactured by other companies; you should contact the manufacturer for further information about its product.

Black cohosh traditionally is given as a boiled decoction or an alcoholic tincture. This suggests that the active constituents need to be extracted either with boiling water or alcohol. Although, we do not have any information about the efficacy of capsules, our inclination is to believe that capsulated dried root powder will not be as effective as the boiled tea or the alcoholic tincture.

The proprietary product may well be an extracted product – that you need to confirm with the manufacturer.

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