Vertigo and Lack of Energy
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Marsha
Posted on: August 3, 1998

I’m having problem with my vertigo and I just bought Ginkgo biloba. Am I taking the right herb?

Vertigo is one of those syndromes that does not have an obvious cause-symptom relationship. It is very obviously a disturbance in the nervous and musculature systems, but they themselves are not necessarily malfunctioning. Rather, they may be reflecting some other imbalance in the body. These sorts of problems require an in depth consultation with a health care professional. In some cases, it is simply a matter of adjusting the nutritional state and adding exercise and rest to the daily routine. In other cases, there are herbal interventions that can help to bring major organ function into balance. The path to finding out what the problem is will involve a certain amount of trial and error, and close consultation with a qualified health care professional is essential.

There are many herbs that have been used to treat nervous conditions, dizziness and vertigo: these include catnip, hawthorn, motherwort, and sage.

I also am having problem with my energy. I’m always tired. I’m wondering which herb would boost my energy. Kelp herb?

Low energy can be the result of poor nutrition (in which case kelp may help) or it may be the result of other problems. There are certain herbs such as ginseng that can give an immediate, but short term boost to energy, but you need to work with a health care professional to determine what the cause of your condition is and what the remedial program should be.

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