Hives and Saw Palmetto
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Chris
Posted on: August 3, 1998

I wanted to know if there are any herbs that could be used to help with my problem with hives? Is there anything to help soothe or prevent the itching & prevent the hives from reoccurring!!?? I’ve tried anti-inflammatory drugs & my hives get even worse! My skin seems very sensitive, but these hives are driving me crazy!!??

Yes, there are herbs you can try. Daniel Mowrey, in his book, "Proven herbal Remedies" (available from Richters), recommends a formula containing slippery elm, witchhazel, mullein, wild geranium and goldenseal. Slippery elm and witchhazel are potent medicines that soothe the skin and promote healing.

Also, I picked up this herb guide which listed a lot of herbs & its uses, I ran across Saw palmetto.Under Saw palmetto it was listed to be useful for, "rid mucus, feeds glands, prostate & BREAST BUILDER!!?" I find it hard to believe, can you give me some info on the herb & herbs for "breast building"? I got this information from a place called,"The Herb Shop" in Michigan.

We do not wish to comment on the claims made by another company; you should contact the owners or managers of that company for coment and further information.

There are suggestions that saw palmetto contains compounds with estrogenic activity. This may where the comments about breat building. There is no doubt that saw palmetto has a potent effect on prostate conditions. Christopher Hobb’s book, "Saw Palmetto and Other Herbs for Men" (available from Richters), covers the properties, research and use of saw palmetto for prostate conditions.

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