Oregano Oil
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Doug
Posted on: August 23, 1998

Been hearing a lot lately about curative power of oregano oil. But its not the typical oregano that has the power. Are you aware of which species of oregano is the medicinal and if so, do you carry the seeds? Thanks very much.

There are many oregano varieties. The variety that was sold in North America and Europe for decades, and still is, as ‘oregano’, is a very poor oregano imposter. It is the same species, Origanum vulgare, but it completely lacks the oils that everyone knows should be in oregano.

A good oregano that has the potent oregano oils is our greek oregano. This is the same oregano that is found in the mountains of Greece. An even stronger version is our ‘Kaliteri’ oregano which is a high oil variety.

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