Leg Aches
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Boyd
Posted on: August 31, 1998

My mother suffers from leg aches in the p.m. and it disrupts her sleep. She is beginning to take confidence in herbs and other health related organic products. The question I have is: what plants/herbs could remedy this? Are there directions on how to prepare?

Siegfried Gursche, "Encyclopedia of Natural Healing" (Alive Publishers, Canada, (800) 663-6580 or Natural Life Publishing Inc., U.S. (800) 663-6513) says that "leg cramps that occur at night often signal a lack of minerals necessary for muscle contraction, especially calcium and magnesium, or insufficient oxygen supply from poor circulation. Magnesium, for instance is lost through alcohol and coffee, which leach this mineral from the body. Acidic foods are also a problem, including white vinegar, which is found in many foods such as pickles, mayonnaise, mustard and salad dressings. Apple cider vinegar and other natural wine vinegars are not a problem." He recommends 1500mg Calcium and 750 mg Magnesium supplements, daily, divided into doses, and 400-800 iu vitamin E with tocopherols for poor circulation. (Note that vitamin E should be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner in cases of diabetes, heart or thyroid disease or high blood pressure.)

Herbs that can help are Hawthorn, which supports the heart and circulation and Yarrow. Hawthorn can be taken as a tincture according to bottle directions. Gursche recommends one tablespoon of yarrow juice daily to relax and dilate the blood vessels.

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