Liver Disease
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Denise
Posted on: August 31, 1998

Gosh, It is hard for me to start here, but I will give it my best shot. My husband is 47 years old and has End Stage Liver disease, (chirrosis, hepatitis). His Dr. abruptly gave him a Life expectancy of 6 months to a year to live the other day, with HIS liver as it is. So he wants us to try to get a transplant (his words) "IF, he lasts that long". A friend of mine gave me some VS-C 400mg capsules to give to my husband. Can you help me out as to what else to do alternatively? I await your reply anxiously.

It is important to work with your health care provider, who has the best knowledge of your husband’s disease and progress.

Herbal treatment would include the following diet recommendations that will ease the strain on the liver and provide required nutrients in the form most easily absorbed: High fruit and vegetable content, especially raw, and fruit and vegetable juices, to provide nutrients; High protein derived from non-meat sources such as soy products; Whole grains; Lecithin to help vitamin absorption; Foods to be rejected include alcohol, fat, coffee, smoked foods, food additives, flavourings and colourings - all of which cause extra work for the liver. If meat is used, organic chicken or turkey would be best tolerated.

A good coffee substitute is dandelion coffee, which is a liver tonic, helping to increase bile flow and stimulate liver function. Red beet juice and vitamin C increase immunity and help to eliminate toxins. Globe artichokes, which may be taken as a juice, increase bile flow and are liver restorative.

Herbs that would help are: Milk Thistle seeds, which protect the liver, increase the flow of bile and help to regenerate liver cells. The dosage should be the equivalent of 400 mg per day of its active constituent silymarin. This may be found in health stores in capsule form; Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant with digestive, and liver stimulating properties. It can be used freely in cooking or taken with milk, one teaspoon per cup, three times a day.

All suggested remedies should be taken before meals for maximum effect.

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