Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Dianne
Posted on: September 3, 1998

I have a chronic hip pain. None of the medical professionals can determine what the problem could be. I have been getting some relief from heat and Advil and acupuncture. I read recently about this herb in the Let’s Live publication from GNC.

Boswellia sacra, B. thurifera and other species are well known as frankescence, the gum resin used in incense and perfumery. It is a tree that grows in northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Medicinally, the gum resin is used internally for bronchial and urinary infections, and menstrual pain. Externally, it used for injuries, skin eruptions, and as a wash for complaints in the oral cavity. As an inhalant, it is used for mucus.

We cannot find any reference to its use for chronic hip pain.

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