Herbs for Gout
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Calvin
Posted on: September 6, 1998

Are there any herbs that help gout?

Gout is a a disturbance in which the production of uric acid is increased and deposited in the joints, especially fingers and toes. It may be hereditary or caused by excess alcohol, which increases the production of urates, or by an excess of meat and starchy foods without adequate fruit and vegetables.

Healing gout includes decreasing the production of uric acid and increasing its excretion in the urine. Foods that cause urate production and should be avoided are pork, beef, shellfish, coffee, tea, cheese, egg yolks, organ meats (kidney, liver etc.) and alcohol. A vegetarian diet is recommended. Useful herbs are celery seed, which dissolves urates, and dandelion leaf, which helps to eliminate them in the urine. 30 to 40 ml of a tincture of celery seed and 30-40 ml of dandelion leaf extract can be taken weekly, divided into doses to be taken three times daily. Nettle tea, a good blood and circulation tonic, is helpful, and can be taken three times a day. Drink lots of water to help elimination.

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