Sexual Performance
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [no name given]
Posted on: September 25, 1998

My wife and I are planning to have a child. What herbs will give me top performance level in sexual reproduction and what herbs are best for sex.

Sexual performance is dependent on such a wide complex of mental and physical factors that it is not possible to say that one herb or herbal combination will work for every man. Certainly, there are no herbs that give the immediate and predictable effect that the new anti-impotency drug Viagra is reported to have. In many cases, herbs support the body and mind to improve sexual function, so the effect is less immediate, but perhaps longer lasting by enhancing overall health. For example, ginseng is widely known to increase energy and endurance, and many men report that ginseng can enhance sexual performance. Fo-ti is another herb with potent tonic properties and an almost legendary aura for enhancing virility. Damiana is another herb used for sexual debility, often with saw palmetto.

A good source of information is the book, "Herbal Love Potions" (available from Richters). It is a review of herbal aids to boosting libido, including the folklore and modern research, all presented with a tasteful dash of humour.

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