Milk Thistle and Incompatibility with Other Drugs
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: George
Posted on: October 7, 1998

Do you know if Milk Thistle is incompatible with any over the counter OR prescription drugs? I am on several prescription drugs and have recently developed Acute Hepatitis B. I understand Milk Thistle can help eliminate this problem, but would it interact in a bad way with the other drugs?

There are no known incompatibilities with Milk Thistle and other drugs. Milk Thistle stimulates and protects the liver, and is often recommended to support a liver overworked by the ingestion of prescription drugs. Drugs are processed by the liver, which works to eliminate toxic by-products of their metabolism.

For more information on Milk Thistle, see "Milk Thistle: The Liver Herb" by Christopher Hobbs (available at Richters).

Another of the liver’s many jobs is fat digestion. To decrease strain on the liver, a fat free diet is recommended. Other foods containing toxins that increase the work on the liver are: alcohol, coffee, smoked foods, food additives, flavourings and colouring.

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