Gotu Kola for Better Learning
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [No Name Given]
Posted on: October 12, 1998

Does gotu kola help the brain to function better in learning? What’s the proper dose for a seven year-old child? How long before we see effect?

Gotu kola is said to have an effect on the brain, particularly on the memory. Whether it really does or not is still not completely proved, but many who have taken it believe it really helps their brain’s functioning.

More certain is gotu kola’s effect on wound healing. It has a special action on the connective tissue, helping to repair damaged tissue and build new tissue. Connective tissue forms the basis for skin, bone and cartilage, and gotu kola’s effect makes it a valuable wound herb for both internal and external use.

The usual practice is to take two fresh leaves a day. The leaves are somewhat bitter but palatable. In Sri Lanka, where it is a favourite forest food of the elephants, the leaves are commonly eaten as a cooked green. The Sri Lankans make a very tasty soup with coconut milk and gotu kola leaves.

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