Dandelion, Red Raspberry and Dong Quai
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: October 16, 1998

I just recently began taking a female toner tincture, the primary components being red raspberry and Dong Quai. I want to begin taking a bitters tonic, probably Dandelion root. Is it safe to take multiple herbal supplements? Will the organic makeup of the dandelion change that of the female toner or vice versa?

In this case, your selection of herbs go well together. Dandelion root supports the liver and elimination by the kidney and bowel, which will support hormone regulation in your female toner tincture.

Basically, herbs that do not go well together are:

1) herbs that astringe (tighten up) body tissue with herbs that relax tissue, and

2) herbs that stimulate with herbs that relax.

Dandelion stimulates circulation in the liver area, Dong Quai stimulates blood circulation, and Red Raspberry astringes tissue, toning the uterus.

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