Burdock Use
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [No Name Given]
Posted on: November 16, 1998

I am inquiring the best way to use Burdock. I was told to drink a tea- mixture, but I am unsure on how to concoct this and how many times a day I should use it. I also read in Mark Tierno’s Medicinal Usage that it should be dissolved in alcohol. If that is the case, what is the measurement for it and what type of alcohol should I use.

I will be using this for aggravated skin problems.

The most common method of using burdock is in the form of a tea. It is one of the key ingredients of the "Essiac" remedy for cancer, and scientific studies have shown that it has beneficial effects on tumours. A main property of the root is to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins from the body. As some skin problems may be related to weak liver fucntion and poor elimination, burdock can help indirectly.

Typically, the roots can be taken as a tea or as a tincture. For liver problems the leaves are used.

For skin problems, the fresh leaves can be prepared as a decoction (leaves are boiled in water) and this liquid applied directly to the skin.

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