Itchy Rash
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Joan
Posted on: November 17, 1998

I have an extremely itchy rash that I have been doctoring with for about 6 to 8 weeks. The dermatologist (hope that is spelled right) that I am going to has not had much success with Rx drugs....thought maybe you could suggest something that I could use in the herbal remedies.

Itching is a symptom of many conditions, and the underlying cause should be determined.

Anti-itch herbs are:

* Chickweed, which may be applied as a cream, ointment or poultice (the fresh plant crushed in cheesecloth until weeping or the dried plant tied in cheesecloth, steeped in boiling water and applied warm to the affected area). Chickweed is cooling, soothing and relieves irritation;

* Evening Primrose Oil, taken internally, has an anti-histamine effect which may relieve irritation;

* Echinacea, taken as a tablet or tincture and externally as a wash, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and detoxicant effects which will help to relieve an infective condition;

* Valerian, taken internally as a tincture is calming and provides temporary relief from itches and pains.

* Kava Kava lotion is antiseptic and relieves itching

* Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic

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