Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: November 29, 1998

What kind of herbs would you recommend to help get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is the deposition of fat under the skin, occurring chiefly in women. It is often caused by poor capillary and lymph circulation that allows a buildup of wastes, or by a hormone imbalance. The most effective treatment is an increase in exercise and a reduction of fatty, sweet and processed foods. An increase in raw, fresh fruits, vegetables and water will help to eliminate the toxic wastes. Fried, fatty and processed foods can be replaced by whole grains and pulses. Drinking more water will reduce fluid retention.

If there is evidence of sex hormone imbalance, such as pre-menstrual symptoms or menopausal symptoms, Vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry) balances the hormones from the pituitary gland. It must not be taken when on other hormone medication. If you are on a contraceptive pill, you may want to consider alternate methods.

The following combination of herbs may be taken internally:

Dandelion root supports the liver to process and eliminate toxins.

Yarrow dilates the blood vessels to improve circulation to the area.

Parsley is a diuretic that will help eliminate excess fluid from the tissues.

Horsetail helps to remove toxins from the system and preserves the elasticity of tissue.

Red Clover supports the lymphatic glands to eliminate toxins.

Gotu Kola and Nettles are good blood tonics.

Externally, the affected areas may be massaged with Witch Hazel or Horsechestnut lotions or creams to stimulate movement of the fat and toning of the skin.

"Alternative Medicine" (Future Medicine Publishing Inc., 5009 Pacific Hwy. E., Suite 6, Fife, Washington, 98424, U.S.) notes that Dennis Pies has 100% success rate in eliminating this condition with lymphatic therapy: 1. Gently jump on a trampoline to create pumping action of the lymphatics. 2. Place legs up against a wall or over a chair and massage very lighly to open the deep inguinal lymph nodes where the cellulite must pass to be eliminated from the body.

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