Clearing Drugs from the System
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: December 9, 1998

A friend of mine just got out of rehab, for marijuana abuse. He is now going for a job interview and must be tested for drugs! He walked into a GNC, and told the staff his problem. They told him to drink 64 ounces of water daily and take 2 Golden seal tabs. with meals to flush/camouflage the remains in his system. Is this safe, does it work, will it mess his electrolytes all up? Please let me know if you have any info. I was under the impression that 48 hours was all it took to clear your system of narcotics, is this true, not true? Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated. Everyone deserves a second chance! Thanks.

I don’t know how long marijuana remains in the system.

Goldenseal may help. It is used mainly to heal mucous membrane surfaces of the intestinal tract, but there are claims that it is a detoxifier. It is not to be used in high blood pressure. Because it is drying to the mucous membranes it can cause damage to the intestines if taken in large quantities over a long time period.

Please see the entry for herbal detoxification on our website at Go to the "Q&A" area and search for Herbal Detoxification.

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