Green Tea and Cancer
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: December 21, 1998

I was wondering what is green tea. I heard it is good for prostate cancer. Is this true? What plant does green tea come from?

Green and black tea both come from leaves of the same plant, Camellia thea, also called Camellia sinensis. Different processing results in the colour difference.

Susun Weed, in "Breast Cancer? Breast Health!" (Ash Tree Publishing) states the following: green and black tea, drunk in ordinary amounts, checks initiation, promotion and growth of nine cancers, including breast, liver and lung. "...tea contains antimutagenic, anti cancer tannins (green tea has twice the tannins of black) and antioxidant, anti-cancer polyphenols. Green tea is the strongest antimutagen of any plant yet tested, completely suppressing solid tumor formation in mice at risk...".

I don’t have any information specifically linking green tea to prostate cancer.

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