Toddler Constipation
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: D. Smith
Posted on: January 6, 1999

I have a 21 mo old daughter that has had constipation problems since birth. Doctors either don’t tell me anything or they tell me it’s her diet. I’ve changed her diet and such, but she still has the problem. She also has no appetite. Can you tell me something natural that I can give her?

Removing all dairy products from the child’s diet will often cure constipation. Removal of milk, cheese, yogurt, chocolate and all products containing dairy usually bring results within 3 weeks. You must be scrupulous, reading all packages to check for lactose, whey and skim milk powder. If there is no improvement after 4-6 weeks, then dairy is not the problem. Soy and rice products can take the place of dairy.

German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is a gentle herb that improves appetite and digestion.

Dandelion root is effective for constipation on a child.

These herbs are best taken as alcoholic tinctures, available from a health food store. You can mix the tincture dose with a favourite drink. Dosage for a child is calculated by multiplying the adult dosage times the age of the child, and then dividing by (12 plus age of child). If the adult dosage is given in ml, one ml is equal to twenty drops. For example, if the adult dosage on the bottle is one 5 ml teaspoon, three times a day, then your child’s dosage will be (5 ml times 20 drops times age 2) divided by (12 plus age 2) or 200 divided by 14, which equals 14 drops three times a day.

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