Saw Palmetto and Breast Enhancement
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Amy
Posted on: January 16, 1999

I was told that some women use Saw Palmetto to increase their breast size. What negative side effects can women get from using this herb and does it really work??

Saw Palmetto has a tradition of use for increasing breast size. I haven’t heard any personal testimonials to know whether it works.

I don’t know of any negative side effects of Saw Palmetto when the suggested dosage (on the bottle) is taken. It is used as a health tonic for the nervous system, digestion, and the mucous membranes in colds and sinusitis. Saw Palmetto is also used as an antiseptic for urinary tract inflammations, to stimulate the hormone production in impotence, to reduce prostate size in benign prostate hypertrophy and to increase weight and strength in wasting diseases.

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